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Smart Watches without Smart Phones

It is predicted that consumers are going to buy some 25 Million Smart Watches in a few years. These millions of enthusiasts or early adapters are going to shy away quickly due to the lack of current content and navigation limitations that exist in Smart Watches, this will reduce the excitement and opportunities for the industry to untether the Smart Watch from their Smart Phones.

Snackable Content on Small Screens

Oyokey’s Keyword based content and engagement platform helps create an infinite opportunity for Website Owners to present on Smart Watches with relevant, small snackable content. Website Owners are empowered to simply select a Keyword and assign content which is then conveniently displayed for Smart Watch users as an icon set with relevant and important information behind each engagement. Your information can be organized in horizontal and vertical navigation format based on the type of Smart Watch your information is being rendered on. This quick, easy and cost effective system enables instant increase in value of a Smart Watch, while bringing unlimited amount of useful and pertinent information to the users.

Keyword Cards and Icon Navigation

At Oyokey we have spent years researching and developing the most effective form of engagement for really complex and difficult platforms. We found that our Keyword based Icon and Card Navigation will enable the Web to be truly mobile on devices where one would typically not expect Web content. But we can deliver – Smart Watch users can now easily access website content on small screens without being overwhelmed with heavy graphics or tons of text. Website Owners select Keywords that are most relevant to Smart Watch users(such as CALL, ORDER, or MAP), then assign information or action to these Keywords. Users can use the touch screen to navigate up or down the Icon set, or side to side. On the Oyokey Stak Browser for Smart Watches they can also navigate using voice by just speaking the registered Keywords to trigger an engagement. Smart Watches have never been this Smart.

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