Patent Notice


Oyokey’s products, systems, technology are either patented or patent pending and protected by US and International patent laws. These patented and patent pending technologies belong exclusively to Oyokey Inc.

Oyokey Inc. holds exclusive rights to use, license and distribute kiTAG, create kiTAG, associate kiTAG with URLs and processes such as dialing a phone numbers, kiTAG Manager, Keyword Management System, kiTAG Reader, accessing information using the kiTAG in various software systems – search box, address bar, standalone applications, Mobile Apps, etc.

Other components of this addressing and accessing technology are covered by an approved patent and patent pending as well. Any unauthorized creation and use of the kiTAG, in conjunction with the use of a tool such as the Keyword Management System or the kiTAG Manager, technology, these methods, these concepts and products that are part of Oyokey’s addressing and accessing system can result in a violation of intellectual property rights of the owner of these technologies – Oyokey Inc.

Most of the material of this website is and any other communication with Oyokey Inc. may be, part of our patented or patent pending technologies. Therefore any unauthorized and illegal copying, reproduction, reverse engineering, disassembling, downloads or re-creation of the information materials, software codes, flow charts, presentations, videos, blogs or any other form of communications will result in intellectual property infringement.

Additional patents are in process of being filed. For further information please contact Oyokey Inc.

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