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Keyword Identifier Tags (kiTAGs) are the newest way to connect users from the physical world to a digital engagement. Through Oyokey’s technology platform you can create and manage your kiTAGs to give your customers access to your documents, webpages, blog posts, photos, events, promotions, advertising, and so much more.


The core concept of Oyokey is the use of Keywords within a specific domain. The kiTAG is a combination of a Keyword (example – coupon, callus) and a domain name (a unique name that identifies a website), separated by a “#” (hash) symbol. This patent pending combination of the kiTAG form factor was created to represent the core concept of Oyokey – Internal Keywords within a domain. Oyokey’s technology platform allows domain owners to select a Keyword that will make up the kiTAG for their domain. Domain owners can then assign an action or information to this combination. An action or information can be a phone number (, a webpage (, location (, or any other information that belongs to a website. Users or audience can then use kiTAGs via type, scan, or voice on any device, to access action or information belonging to the domain name (website).

kiTAG is a Keyword based, human friendly, and natural language compatible, identifier that can be used via type, scan, or voice recognition, in all environments M2M, M2H and H2M. For consumer facing applications, kiTAGs are better than other alternatives such as QR codes and Mobile Visual Search. As per our research, kiTAGs have a much higher acceptance and engagement rate than other alternatives such as QR Code. Marketers can use kiTAGs for a greater conversion on outbound engagements.

Domain name registrars and QR code re-sellers can also incorporate the creation and usage of kiTAGs with in their platforms. Create, market, and engage your audience using kiTAGs. Marketer and re-sellers can contact Oyokey for a detailed kiTAG usage kit.


Oyokey’s innovative new form factor, the kiTAG, is a huge win for voice based systems. kiTAG is a natural language identifier that can give end users direct and accurate access to an unlimited amount of information and functionality using voice. Oyokey’s kiTAG allows the end user to access one specific piece of information or trigger one specific call to action by simply using voice, hence making the kiTAG work as the world’s first “voiceable” URL. Many Emerging Devices and platforms such as Smart Watch, Connected Car, VR/ARs glasses, voice assistants and screen based IoT devices are primarily voice centric. A kiTAG creates a shortcut or URL that can be used with voice. As the kiTAG is pre-registered and domain based, it makes the use of this form of addressing and accessing extremely friendly and accurate, something not present in current voice based systems.

The kiTAG form and usage via various modalities such as type, scan and voice is patented by Oyokey.

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