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By 2020 it is estimated that there will be 200 billion connected devices on the Internet. Majority of these IoT (Internet of things) devices will be a part of businesses, factories, offices, stores, warehouses, vehicles, etc. Consequently, the need to address and register IoT devices will become crucial for the ease of access, discovery, and sharing of data.


Oyokey’s, domain name based, IoT Addressing and Registry is truly the first of its kind technology that addresses and registers both IoT devices and IoT data. IoT devices will generate huge amounts of real time data that will enable greater productivity and efficiency. Data collected by these devices will be enormously useful, and developers will need access to these devices to build useful applications. Oyokey’s Keyword based IoT address is an innovative and unique identifier that will enable easy direct access and search of IoT devices and IoT data.

The way this works is by using Oyokey’s patented kiTAG addressing form factor to uniquely address and identify any IoT device and IoT data that belong to your domain name. You, as a Domain Owner, can have thousands of unique IoT addresses, branded with your companies’ domain name, to address and assign all your IoT Devices (example – Also, unlike other addressing systems, such as IP addresses, URLs, and QR codes, a kiTAG can be easily written, typed, scanned, and voiced. Not just that, when your end users search your kiTAGs via any search engines (such as – Google and Bing), your kiTAG displays an eye-catching Keyword Card that renders information corresponding to this Internal Keyword.


IoT Registry

Oyokey’s IoT Registry is a database of information about IoT devices and IoT data. The assumption we make is that all IoT devices belong to organizations and companies that can be identified by their respective domain names. With the use of Keywords and domain name in the naming process, IoT device owners can create and manage information on each specific device that exists within their domain, thereby enabling easy access, discovery, and sharing of their IoT related information. The Oyokey registry can be used as a lookup for developers, third party agencies, or companies that want to engage or request information associated with your IoT device or IoT data – all this can be done via the Keyword Manager section on Oyokey’s cloud based Technology Platform ( and also by using Oyokey APIs and SDKs.


Oyokey’s IoT Registry acts as a Domain Name Server (DNS) for IoT devices and IoT data. This domain based identifier is a better identifier than IP addresses, QR codes, URLs, or simply a device I.D. Detailed information such as device name, I.D., IP address, device type, login and more, can be mapped to a single kiTAG that addresses such devices and data. A single kiTAG can be used to look up and access all the detailed information related to IoT devices and IoT data.

The Oyokey IoT Registry can hold all IoT devices registered within your domain with the simplicity of a kiTAG. These kiTAGs are unique and innovative identifiers that hold your online brand – your domain name. kiTAGs will not be used to route to a certain device at the transport or network layer, but are mainly used as a URI that is human readable and much more friendly than other alternatives, such as static or dynamic URLs, short URLs, or 2D barcodes. At the same time, kiTAGs can work using type, scan, or voice recognition in all environments M2M, M2H and H2M.

With this Oyokey technology, we can enable easy access or trigger points to registered IoT devices via various access points (example – search engines, command box or command prompts). Plus, it is the first registry that allows businesses to use their most important online brand – their domain name. Each domain owner can generate 10s or 100s of millions of IoT identifiers using the Oyokey platform.

The Oyokey IoT Registry will serve as an IoT DNS and resolve any query about access to IoT devices and IoT data.

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