Since its incorporation, Oyokey has been bootstrapped and funded by it’s founder Nitin Anand.

We have completed two rounds of funding to date and have raised $1.1M in total.

In March 2013, Oyokey completed it’s first formal round of funding (Incubator Round) with Naya Ventures, an early stage VC based in Irving, Texas, investing $100,000 in a convertible note. In July 2014, Oyokey and Naya Ventures parted ways. In August 2014, Oyokey completed it’s next round of funding (Seed Round) with Dallas-based private investors who invested $1,000,000 in Oyokey for an equity position.

Fall 2016 – we shall be working towards our next round of funding. We welcome Strategic Partners and established VC firms to be a part of our story.