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Oyokey is reinventing how phone calls are made on all mobile and emerging platforms by replacing phone numbers with a new domain name protocol. In other words, Oyokey has created a new set of steps that use domain names or website names for contacting. This technology disrupts the status quo of numeric phone number addresses by overlaying a natural language domain name tagged with an auto dial command. Simply just say a Keyword and the phone dials the number. Your contact list is now instantly expanded by millions. The way people connect is about to change forever.


Domain Dialing is a paradigm shift with far reaching implications. For starters, every business with a domain name will want to create Keywords that can simply trigger a phone dial to their business. With Domain Dialing, your address and phone number can change but your contact sheet will always stay the same. You’ll never lose contact with your customers because a language-based domain name used for calling is easier to remember than a combination of digits. The opportunity to create unique Keywords that allow customers to dial your business is endless. It’s not hard to imagine all the doors that will open up for individuals and businesses alike.


Smartphone owners have a contact list within their phone that currently have a very limited number of contacts that the phone owner adds. If a name or number cannot be found in the contact list, typically no action is followed. Oyokey is changing that, we are building a Internal Keyword Registry that will tag domain names with their Keywords. Users will now be able to type a domain name or business name in their contact list and get access to various nuggets of information and call to actions that belong to that domain or business. So a CALL can be tagged to a phone number and a LOCATION can be tagged to a map. This will give you access to tens of millions of phone numbers and other nuggets of information directly through your contact list. No need to search for information via search engines. Once completed, Oyokey will allow all mobile providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint to setup a default gateway into the Oyokey Keyword Registry to provide immediate access to voice dialing of all websites and businesses.


This invention comes at a time when mobile and emerging platforms are moving to voice interaction. Dialing phone numbers by using Keywords versus numbers is more natural and therefore works better with voice, expanding its possibilities and impact.

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