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A new generation of Connected Cars is on the horizon and it will make us rethink our relationship with our vehicles. The Connected Car will be an important part of our connected world, bringing both the intelligence and activities associated with it. Oyokey is working on this next great wave of technology development to ensure that the Connected Cars is digitally and Web connected.


Oyokey’s Keyword based content and engagement platform coupled with it’s Stak Browser capabilities, provide automobile manufactures a technology solution to reduce the highly visual and clutter of Web content. The difficulty of navigation through information is made simple by Oyokey. We organize the Web using Icons, Cards and Keywords and add a layer of voice, designed to allows drivers easy access to information and engagement with a “View and Speak” form factor. Through the Oyokey platform – Marketers, Businesses and Domain Owners can bring their content and engagement to Connected Cars, in a useful and meaningful way without having to get into the complexities of presenting information using standards specific to the Connected Car platforms. Oyokey is perfectly positioned between Connected Car platforms and Domain Owners, giving businesses a fast and cost effective solution to engage with their customers in a Connected Car.


The Connected Cars of the future will be very complex, but Oyokey’s Technology Platform for Domain Owners will makes all in-car communications simple. Keyword Tagging will allow your Website content to easily move to an interface standard that works in Connected Cars. The same Keyword Tagging, will ensure accurate and direct voice interaction without having the need to type or touch in a voice centric environment.

All applications within a Connected Car platform and all Websites delivered can be voice enabled. Using natural language Keyword commands, users are provided with an infinite number of navigation options to increase productivity while decreasing driver distractions. Similarly rendering of information is being changed from a tradition responsive design to a new Icon, Card and Keyword based Hyper-Responsive design for easy access, discovery and navigation of rich content. Heavy use of voice not just for accessing information but also for content delivery is promoted via the Oyokey Technology Platform.

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