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Oyokey’s Keyword driven CMS (Content Management System) is a collaborative engagement environment between end users and Website owners. At Oyokey, a domain owner can create, manage, and mark up their website content for presentation and use for Mobile Devices and Emerging Devices. Each nugget of information or an action, can be assigned a Keyword. Consumers can then use these Keywords as a call-to-action to engage with you Web content in an accurate and effective manner. At Oyokey, we want to structure the world’s data, one domain at a time. Our philosophy is Data First, existing CMS systems are Design First. By structuring information using Keywords we are able to making the Web truly accessible and useful via Mobile and Emerging Devices.


Currently, devices and platforms such as Smart Phones, Tablet, Smart Watch, Connected Car, VR (virtual reality) / AR (augmented reality) Glasses, voice assistants, etc. have serious challenges when displaying and interacting with web information. For example, browsing webpages is very easy on a laptop but extremely hard to use on a Smart Watch or a VR device. Oyokey has built technology that enables websites to become more accessible and useful in a manner that benefits both users and website owners. Oyokey helps provide users quicker access to valuable information for a rich engagement that will enhance their web experience on these devices.

With Oyokey, website owners can present their content on millions of additional devices and platforms.



Oyokey is working towards a change in the architecture of the web, away from pages and destinations, towards completely personalized experiences built on a collection of individual pieces of content that are driven by internal Keywords. Content is broken down into individual components and re-aggregated (collecting data in another form) to enable access of information via mobile and emerging platforms with screens of all shapes and sizes. This drives the web away from many webpages of content linked together towards individual pieces of content aggregated together into one experience using cards containing nuggets of information.


Oyokey’s platform allows businesses to structure and tag all of their website’s core content and functionality into a card based web interface, a Keyword Card. With Oyokey’s cross platform icon interface, all websites can easily map their content with Keywords and provide users with a shortcut to all their information. Oyokey’s Keyword Icons, Home Card, and Keyword Cards represent all of your websites most important information easily presented to consumers. Domain owners can continue to use their existing desktop website while using Oyokey’s platform to generate Keyword Cards for emerging devices in a matter of minutes.

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