Engagement in AR-VRThe Web in a new Reality



AR-VR are the future of computing with the goal to integrate your physical world with your online world, seamlessly. We believe this experience cannot be complete without Web content. So at Oyokey, we are researching and developing ways to access and present Web information in this new reality.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR-VR) is not just about gaming, research or designing new stuff and for a few people. It will be about using AR-VR devices to experience beyond just one paradigm. The physical world blends with your online world or the other way round. In either case it is about bringing important elements into one experience. Transforming your physical world with an overlay of digital experience needs to include simple and standard Web content. Unfortunately the existing components of Web – websites, webpages, URLs and search are not designed for these new platform. Oyokey is working to change all that. We are transforming content that exists within Domains in a manner that allows Domain Owners to easily create and port onto complex devices and platforms such as AR-VR. For this new age of platforms to be successful, it will be important that everyone participates, easily. This transformation will bring meaningful content and engagement to users, and will democratize development and usage on these Emerging Devices and platforms.


Voice and gesture are important modes of input in AR-VR platforms. Using Oyokey’s – Icons, Cards, and Keywords based model of content rendering, users will be able to easily navigate, access and engage with content, created and published by Domain Owners. When you are in a store and wearing an AR device, you will be able to see content specifically designed for that context. Your website at that point does not have to be a full blown experience of overwhelming content that is not useful, it will be a very simple and specific engagement using Cards and Keywords that will be relevant for users at that time. Until today your choices were – not be present in AR-VR or develop a complex and expensive App that sits in AR-VR. With Oyokey, you have a better choice as a Domain Owner, port your content in a fast and cost effective manner. We worry about the complexities for you.

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