About Us



Oyokey is a cloud-based Addressing and Recognition Technology company based in Irving, Texas. Oyokey’s mission is to flatten the Internet information architecture, structure and organize the Web, making it truly accessible and useful via Mobile, Emerging Devices and Voice-based platforms.

Oyokey is derived from ‘Own Your Own Keywords’.

The foundation or building block of Oyokey’s technology is the principal of Internal Keywords. Nuggets of information or data that belong to a website or organization can be tagged with a Keyword. From high response Keywords such as deals, coupons, call, locations to regular Keywords such as SKU numbers or product numbers, Keywords can then be associated to an action or information. These Keywords are then represented in various forms – text or image, in order to address, access, share the information.

We are re-inventing the way information is addressed, accessed and presented in Emerging Platforms and Devices, using our core concept of Internal Keyword and Oyokey Technology platform. We are working on various applications that bridge the gap between the Web and Emerging Devices. The traditional URL-Browser-Search model is not going to work in platforms such as Smart Watch, Connected Car, VR/ARs, Glasses, Voice Assistants, screen based IoT devices, etc.

We are pushing the boundaries of design and technology by developing innovations solutions such as a Keyword Based CMS and Engagement system, “Hyper-Responsive” design for enhanced use in Emerging Devices, Voiceable URLs for accurate access of information using voice, a new IoT Addressing and Registry system.

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